Brookfield Farms Ornamental Grass Growers for over 20 Years

Brookfield Farm is a sustainable wholesale farm serving mass market retail stores nationwide. Our 100-acre environmentally friendly farm in Thousand Oaks, CA offers the ideal climate for producing the finest ornamental grasses. For over 20 years we continue to deliver responsibly grown high quality landscape products.
Ornamental  grasses mingle nicely with wildflowers in both naturalized and formal settings. The variety of stalks and seedheads add visual interest interest in flat gardening areas. They are also drought resistant and low maintenance  they can always be kept to size and space with little effort.

Ornamental grasses are popular because:

  • They are low maintenance
  • Especially appropriate for golf courses
  • Largely deer resistant
  • Softens massive projects
  • Many varieties are drought tolerant, once established
  • Great for slope stablization
  • They can grow tall enough to screen away the neighbors (without becoming too big to be easily managed)
  • They grow at the bottom of fences and force out weeds that used to hide there, helping to eliminate weeding

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